Episode 312 – Discoverability, A General Introduction

Join the Robots as they talk about discoverability. How do people find your book? Part one of several episodes on the subject.


Episode 311 – Talking Still Water With Justin R. Macumber

Join the Robots as they talk with Justin R. Macumber about the April 22, 2014 release of his new horror novel Still Water.

Also, we just found out we had a Wikipedia page.


Episode 310 – Reviewing Lion’s Blood by Steven Barnes

Join the Robots as they review Lion’s Blood by Steven Barnes.

Show teaser is for John Mierau’s podcast Farlost, which you can find at http://johnmierau.wordpress.com.


Episode 309 – Exploring Science Fiction

Join the Robots as they explore what science fiction as a genre.


Episode 308 – Flashing With J.R.D. Skinner

Join the Robots as they talk with author J.R.D. Skinner about podcasting flash fiction and a whole host of other goings on.

For his stories, go to http://flashpulp.com.

For his expanded universe, check out http://skinner.fm.

You can find him on Twitter @JRDSkinner.

Finally, you can find his Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/theflashmobsters/ and his page at https://www.facebook.com/SkinnerCo.


Episode 307 – Death and Taxes

Join the Robots as they talk with Terry’s wife Donna about authors and their taxes.


Episode 306 – Social/Political Commentary

Join the Robots as they look at how to do social and political commentary. And how not to do it.

They mentioned an article on symbolism by authors that you can read here.

They also mentioned how author Philip Roth wasn’t considered a credible source by Wikipedia about a novel he wrote. Read the article here.


Episode 305 – The Business Of Publishing – Production Scheduling

This week the Robots talk about the challenges and pitfalls of scheduling your production. And, of course, the rewards.

This is loosely based on a an essay on the subject by Dean Wesley Smith that can be found here.


Episode 304 – Reviewing Horns by Joe Hill

This week the Robots fight off Skype bugs to dig into Horns by Joe Hill. Join us as we suss out where it works and where it falls flat.


Episode 303 – Interview With Tyler Palmer Of Patreon

Join the Robots as they talk with Tyler Palmer, Vice President of Operations at Patreon. They discuss the unique method of fostering patronage the company offers in a wide ranging talk that offers some insight in how it might benefit authors.

As the show intro says, there was a technical issue that caused Terry’s voice to not be recorded. He apologizes for that. As Scott hosted the show and it would be a major scheduling issue to redo the interview, Paul edited out the silences and made things as comprehensible as possible. Again, our apologies.


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