Episode 75 – Is Cliché Such A Bad Thing?

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This week Terry was away from his microphone trying to launch a shuttle or something, so in this episode you get Ryan and Justin discussing clichés in writing. Are they a bad thing, how should you avoid them, and how can you make your story a character driven piece? These things and more are hashed over, so settle in and enjoy.

Strange Horizons’ “Stories We’ve Seen Too Often”


3 Responses to “Episode 75 – Is Cliché Such A Bad Thing?”

  1. Dischord says:

    Hey all, just wanted you to note that Brandon Sanderson’s podcast Writing Excuses also covered Cliches in their most recent episode. Is covering Cliches on podcasts becoming… cliche?

  2. Man I wish they would stop copying us… 😉

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