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Episode 79 – Talking with J. Daniel Sawyer

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This week the Dead Robots sit down and talk with J. Daniel Sawyer about writing and podcasting, with a brief foray into the BGS finale for good tangential measure. Enjoy.

Promo – Serving Worlds

Links to where Terry is posing his newest story, A Touch of Death.

Warning: This story contains explicit content (or it will when I get to that part of the story) and is not safe for work. All these sites contain explicit content, as a matter of fact. I post erotica under the psudonym Wine Maker, though anyone what looks hard enough can learn my real name. Don’t be confused.

For just my stories:

Stories Online:


Note: Both Stories Online and Literotica have many other stories and authors, mostly but not exclusively erotica. If you feel like posting your work somewhere people would read it, please do consider them, even if it is not erotica. My first chapter has been downloaded 5,000 times in the 10 days it’s been up and even though there has been no hanky panky, it is still being voted high scores.



  1. Justin – re: Audacity’s lousy MP3’s. Thank you! I’ve said since I starting using it that Audacity’s MP3’s suck. They’re muddy and have a tiny bit of echo. However, everyone I talked to about this treated me like I was crazy. I now use iTunes to create my MP3’s, and they turn out fine, but I figured I was only doing it for myself, since everyone else loves Audacity’s MP3’s. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t.

  2. Glad you now know you’re not alone. I never thought to use iTunes’ compressor though. Good call. Were I not already using Audition, I’d do that.

  3. Abbie, you are not alone with respect to Audacity and its mp3 issues. And what’s with all our guests recently being voices in Cowrey Catchers? Have you recruited EVERYONE? I may need to go ask my next door neighbor if he is participating.

    Also, I’ve added the links to my erotica to the main post as promised.

  4. Having finished the episode – Great interview with one of my favorite podcasters. 🙂 Like Dan, I often stop my MP3 player to argue with you while listening to Dead Robots. My cats listen to these tirades with mild curiously.

    > voices in Cowrey Catchers? Have you recruited EVERYONE?

    Only the ones I like. 😀 Seriously, there are a lot of characters in this story, and nearly everyone I’ve approached has said yes. Podcasters are nice people.


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