Episode 92 – Kevin J Anderson Interview

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This week the Dead Robots, and by that we mean just Justin, sits down to interview bestselling author Kevin J Anderson. His time was limited, but we tried to get in as much good info as we could. Enjoy.

Kevin J. Anderson’s Website


5 Responses to “Episode 92 – Kevin J Anderson Interview”

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  2. […] Dead Robots’ Society Episode 92 – Kevin J Anderson Interview […]

  3. SandRider says:

    it’s times like these I praise the gods for rural living & dial-up –
    I’m not atall tempted to wait for this to download.
    Besides, even without hearing it, I can hit the high points –

    blah-blah-Frank’s notes- blah – bestseller –blah,
    hike, blah, award nominated- blah, more words in
    print than Jesus, blah-blah-Brian’s drinking again, –
    blah, TOR is the cheapest publisher I’ve ever worked
    for, blah-blah-blah.

  4. lotek says:

    co wrote Dean Koontz Frankenstein?


    comparing assembling automobiles and writing books?

    nice try kev’ but that’s NOT the way it’s done

    yes it’s creation, it’s art not merchandise!!

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