We’ve lost our voice mail number again… (sigh)

Well, it’s happened again. We lost another voice mail line. If you’ve called recently (and by recently I mean within the past week or so), we did not get your call. I’m really sorry about that. We’re looking into other (and hopefully better) options, but thus far everything I’ve found costs $10 a month, and I’m not ready to pay that for the one call a month we average. So, until we figure this thing out we will be without a voice line. Sorry about that…


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  1. Michael Kohne says:

    You might want to consider taking mp3 files via e-mail.
    There’s a service called blogtalkradio (http://blog.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradio/podcasting-is-a-cinch-with-blogtalkradio/) that lets you call a number and record MP3s, which you can then retrieve via an RSS feed. I’ve never tried it, but the concept is sound anyway.

  2. Ah, certainly emailed MP3’s are fine. I’ll make sure to mention that on the show.

  3. Jeff Kirvin says:

    What about Google Voice?

  4. That hasn’t been released publically yet, and I don’t have a beta invitation.

  5. spoon says:

    I’d second google voice. If you haven’t signed up for the beta, I’d go do that now. The voicemail to email service isn’t perfect, but it does a good job. It’s also possible to hook it up to Gizmo5 for SIP service (like Skype).

    In the absence of that, I’d say something like ringcentral.com or phone.com might be worth looking into. I think you can swing an 800 number from ringcentral for $10/mo, not sure if they count voicemail against your minutes. I believe both of these can also do the voicemail-attached-as-an-mp3 thing.

  6. I wish I could join the beta, but I don’t have an invite. As for pay services, I’m not going to pay that sort of money if a free option will come along in the near future. I don’t want to keep changing numbers.

  7. zackmann says:

    There are several podcast using google voice one of whom is @snarkdogg
    If you go to the website and ask for an invite google will send you one in about 3 days. Some of us might call at 3 am so don’t forward the Dead Robots’ Society number to your telephone.
    (I wish they had invented this before I got my first house or cell for and porting would not have mattered.)

  8. I’ve asked for an invite. We’ll see what happens…

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