Special Episode – J.C. Hutchins and J. Daniel Sawyer Speak Out


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This week the guys sit down with J.C. Hutchins and J. Daniel Sawyer to talk about their recent blog posts. A lot of talk and speculation had arisen because of their posts, and in this exclusive interview we hear from both creators to get the straight dope. We hope you enjoy this honest and informative discussion.

In case you missed it, here are J.C.’s and J. Daniel’s posts.

During the course of the conversation J.C. mentioned an episode of the StrangerThings video podcast he was involved with. If you’d like to watch that episode, entitled “Disconnect,” please go HERE.

Also, J. Daniel mentioned a YouTube video of Scott Sigler talking about big publishing. If you’re interested in watching it, here ya go…

J. Daniel also mentioned Dean Wesley Smith’s “Killing The Sacred Cows of Publishing.” If you’d like to read it online for free, head on over HERE.


12 Responses to “Special Episode – J.C. Hutchins and J. Daniel Sawyer Speak Out”

  1. APS says:

    oops, this is the Conjour 2.0 talk with Deborah Kent that Terry did. no JD or JC to be found.

  2. Yes, I goofed. In my rush to get the episode out into the world, I put the wrong file with the post. I have corrected it, and everything should be sorting itself out shortly. The player in the show notes is correct, and the proper link is in the RSS, but iTunes may take a few minutes to correct itself.


  3. Terry Mixon says:

    Justin fixed it. Try again.

  4. APS says:

    no worries. looking forward to hearing it. 🙂 and thanks for fixing it.

  5. Great episode you guys, I was really hoping to hear more from J.C. on his blog post, even though it was fairly extensive. I think he and Dan had a lot of great stuff to say, great interviews guys.

  6. Charles Tan says:

    The mp3 link isn’t working. Here’s the error message: “UNABLE TO WRITE NEW DOWNLOAD RECORD TO DEADROBOTSSOCIETY_DOWNLOADS TABLE”

  7. Charles, not sure why you’re getting that. I was able to download the file to my computer, and I was able to play the file through the embedded player. I’ve also checked our host and nothing is wrong there either. Is anyone else getting this?

  8. Charles Tan says:

    Using Firefox 3.5.8 here on Mac OS X. Didn’t work there. Tried it on Safari and it’s working there.

  9. That is so odd, Charles. I used Firefox and Chrome, and both of those worked normally (Windows 7). Doesn’t seem like a problem with the site, though I’ll pass it along to our hosts and see what they think. I appreciate you keeping me abreast, Charles!

  10. Stormy says:

    I’ve got a response to this…ok, mainly to JC, but it’s a bit big to post here, so here’s a link instead: http://requirecookie.com/content/open-letter-jc-hutchins

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