Episode 154 – Rules To Remember

This week Terry, Ryan, and Justin discuss “9 Must Follow Manuscript Rules” from an article by WritersDigest.com. We hope you enjoy. And, make sure you stick around to the end for an announcement regarding the future of the podcast.

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One Response to “Episode 154 – Rules To Remember”

  1. Rob Williams says:

    I just decided to skip to the end of the podcast when I saw the words “announcement”. Although I was expecting the worst, this wasn’t much a relief. I am so sorry to see you go Ryan.

    I will miss your insight and honesty. Your bluntness and your humour (yes, spelled with a U).

    I wasn’t with DRS since the beginning, but I have listened to all the episodes from #1 and this is a HUGE loss.

    The one major lesson I have learned from you Ryan is to NOT be shy in opening up your story and ideas to people you can trust. I feel very guarded with my work, like yourself, but bit by bit I have seen you open up a little more each time. It forced me to have my story proposal for the upcoming DRS anthology read by a trusted person for the very first time since I started writing. It was not easy for me, but it was a positive step. Thank you for the inspiration.

    All the best Ryan! You will be missed and I hope to hear your CDN voice on DRS again in the future.

    Raising a Molson for ya hoser!

    Rob “Quixote” Williams
    Coquitlam, BC

    PS Happy Boxing Day eh?

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