Episode 184 – Zombie Talkin’ With Scott Browne And Scott Kenemore

This week the Robots chat with Scott Browne and Scott Kenemore to discuss the topics of zombies, a subject both men have written about to great success. We hope you enjoy it.

Scott Browne’s Website
Scott Kenemore’s Website

This week’s promo – The Zombie Chronicles: Escape podcast by James Melzer


3 Responses to “Episode 184 – Zombie Talkin’ With Scott Browne And Scott Kenemore”

  1. Dave says:

    “MFA classes are all about making white people titter politely.” Awesome!

  2. […] and I did a neat interview about zombies with the Dead Robots’ Society Podcast last night.  Click here to listen.  (If I sound a little out of breath around 12:00, it’s because I am carrying my bicycle up […]

  3. […] addition, you can hear me interviewed with Scott Kenemore, author of Zombie, Ohio, on The Dead Robot’s Society podcast, where we discuss all things […]

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