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When I think about spellcasting, wizards, and far-flung magical lands, the next idea to jump into my mind usually isn’t the US military, but luckily for all of us author Myke Cole made just such a connection, and his debut novel SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT is the result. One part J.K. Rowling, two parts Tom Clancy, CONTROL POINT is a taut military thriller, but instead of guns and terrorists Mr. Cole fills his story with humans bursting with magical powers, powers that spring from a distant world that could be our salvation, or the source of our destruction. And, unlike most urban fantasies where magic runs wild in the streets, unconstrained and unregulated, Mr. Cole — who has a deep military background himself — brings his unique perspective to the genre and shows us a world where the government has clamped down on all magical activity, and where those who have the ability to wield fire, air, and earth are pressed into serving the United States armed forces. Can such power be contained? Can beings who control the very fabric of reality be controlled? These questions and more lie at the heart of SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT, and the answers will blow you right out of your seat. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Cole’s debut novel, and if you want to see what happens when “Lord of the Rings” is smashed into “Clear And Present Danger,” buy his novel and join the excitement. You won’t be disappointed.

SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT will be available in print and on the Kindle January 31st, 2012.



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