Episode 208 – Learning To Love Editing

This week Justin and Terry talk about the joys of editing and how it can make a bad story good, and a good story amazing. Editing is where the real story gets told, and learning to love it has immediate benefits for every writer. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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  2. Richard says:

    Hey guys,

    So I recently found your podcast, and was so happy to hear people discuss editing in depth. Most of the podcasts I’ve found seem to focus so much more on the initial draft/writing stage and seem to gloss over the editing portion.
    I’m in the midst of editing my first novel, and so I could certainly relate to a lot of what you guys said. Also, I 100% agree with the fact that we all speak with contractions. It helps add some validity/reality to your dialogue by using them.
    You’ve certainly got a new listener in me. I’d adore it if you guys talked about it even more!

  3. I’m glad you found us, and that our conversation was worth listening to. Knowing we’re helping folks and making a different is why we keep doing the show. Hearing for you makes it even better.

  4. Richard says:

    Well podcast on editing some more =)
    It’s so rarely discussed in depth.

  5. We’ve actually done quite a few episodes on it. Have you looked through the older episodes?

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