Episode 246 – Halloween Horror With Edward Lorn

This week the Robots are joined by horror author Edward Lorn to talk about what scares us, why, and how horror can not only be scary, but also therapeutic. We hope you enjoy!

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And I’d be remiss in not pimping our hosts as well:

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Episode 245 – Interviewing Author Mike Shepherd

Terry and Paul sit down with Mike Shepherd, author of the Kris Longknife military science fiction series, to talk about writing and his world. His next book, Kris Longknife: Furious, comes out at the end of this month. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You won’t be sorry you did.

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Book Review – Rachel Aaron’s “2K To 10K”

I started writing seriously about ten years ago, and I wish like hell I’d had Rachel’s book way back then. If I had I would have avoided years of pain, problems, and lost words. And, I probably would have more published books to my credit instead of just the one I have right now. Folks, I don’t care if you’re just starting out as a writer, of you’ve been doing it for years, this book will help you become better, faster, and more thoughtful about your craft. I know that from personal experience. This isn’t some fly-by-night book meant to make a few bucks with a few dusty creative writing cliches. The tips and advice she gives are tried and tested. Not just by her, either. After reading about her methods on her blog, I employed them myself, and they work. It’s also why we brought her on the podcast. Right now I have a new book that is due to be published soon, I have another book that’s in the editing phase, and yet another book that I’m blazing through the first draft of. Rachel’s words of wisdom have helped make all that possible. Do yourself a favor — buy this book. And if you have friends who are writers, do the same for them. Rachel Aaron is a wonderful storyteller and writer, and with this book she’s also helping to make a new generation of writers who will fill the world with many more amazing books.


Episode 244 – Full Steampunk Ahead With Emilie Bush And Pip

This week Justin is joined by Philippa Ballantine and they interview steampunk author Emilie P. Bush to talk about writing, publishing, and what this whole steampunk thing is about. Enjoy!

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Book Review – “Ripper” by David L. Golemon

RIPPER by David L. Golemon, Reviewed by Donald L Pitsiladis

Jack the Ripper. He is a legend among serial killers and the boogie man to the rest of the world. The brutality shown in the five murders attributed to him is almost as notorious as the mystery surrounding his identity and abrupt disappearance. However, what if instead of being a homicidal maniac, the Ripper was actually a mad scientist working for the British government? David Golemon explores that possibility in his latest Event Group book, “Ripper”.

Professor Lawrence Ambrose is an American scientist hired by Queen Victoria to create a formula able to turn British soldiers into intelligent killing machines. Using an early version of his concoction, later named Perdition’s Fire, the professor becomes more than anyone can imagine or control. Unfortunately, this forces the Queen to order the formula to be destroyed and the doctor terminated. After a battle reminiscent of the Mr. Hyde fights in both “Van Helsing” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, Ambrose escapes to America where he is eventually stopped by a contingency of US Army soldiers led by Lt. George S. Patton.

Per author, David L, Golemon, “The Event Group is the most secret organization in the United States, comprised of the nation’s most brilliant individuals in the branches of science, philosophy, and the military. Led by the valiant Major Jack Collins, they are dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind the myths and legends propagated throughout world history—from underground agencies and conspiracy theories to extraterrestrial life and UFOs.” The group is so secret, only the President of the United States (both past and present) knows of their existence. When a member of the group is captured by a ruthless Mexican cartel leader, Major Collins leads a small team to rescue her. During the course of the mission, a secret cache of Perdition’s Fire is discovered with terrifying results. The British government is willing to pay any price to destroy the formula and keep their involvement in its development a secret. Much death and destruction follow.

I freely admit that I hadn’t heard of this series before this novel. I am, however, a fan of Jack the Ripper stories, so I thought I’d give this book a go and am glad I did. The way the author weaved the story made the historical parts seem plausible, and got you caring about certain characters and whether they make it out of the story alive. (Not spoiling a thing, mums the word) As much as I enjoyed the story, however, there were some faults that proved a little bothersome. There were some recurring characters whose presence didn’t seem to add to the story. Also, while I expected a violent story since it is military sci-fi, the amount of headshots taken seemed gratuitous for a non-zombie book. Overall, I rate the story a 4 out of 5 and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Don’s blog is named Casa de Pitsiladis. He’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.


Eliyanna Had Her Babies!

I’m a little late in posting this, and for that I apologize profusely, but Eliyanna gave birth to her twin boys at 12:46 on September 27th. Leo James Kaiser was born 6 lbs 2 oz, 19.5 inches, and Hugo Logan Kaiser was 6 lbs 7 oz, 20 inches. I kept waiting for pictures before I made a post, and getting those took longer than I thought it would (in this day and age of everyone having a digital camera in their pocket, can you blame me?), but Eliyanna finally had some made, and I have to share them with you.

This is Eli before she gave birth…

And this is Eli with her two babies!

This is an amazing picture of Eli, the babies, and her wife, Danielle.

And here are the boys! Leo is on the left, and Hugo is on the right.

Click on the pictures to see high res versions in all their baby wonderful glory.


Episode 243 – Wrangling The Muse With Dave Robison

This week we’re joined by Dave Robison of the Roundtable Podcast, and we talk about that slippery subject of inspiration, AKA the muse. How do we fuel it, how do we keep it, and what do we do when it flees? Enjoy!

Dave Robison can be heard more on The Roundtable Podcast (which we love and also helped inspire) and Protecting Project Pulp podcasts.



Episode 242 – Nobilis Chats Reviews

This week Justin and Paul are joined by Nobilis Reed to discuss reviews. They are crucial to getting attention and hopefully sales, but how do you get them, and are all reviews equal? We hope you enjoy!

Library Thing was mentioned on the show. It is a site similar to GoodReeds.

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