Episode 253 – Happy Holidays With Linton Bowers

This week the Robots have the tables turned on them. Instead of doing the interviewing, they are interviewed by Linton Bowers, a listener of the show. We really hope you enjoy it.


Episode 252 – Year End Confidential

This week the robots sit down to talk about the year, their success, what obstacles they had to overcome, and what is in store for next year. We hope you enjoy the conversation and let us know how your year went!

This week’s promo – Erotica Ala Carte Iron Chef!


Episode 251 – Serial Fiction With No Added Sugar

This week the Robots have a good old fashion roundtable discussion about serializing fiction. Why would you, what do you have to gain, and what are some tips on doing it right? Listen and enjoy!

Here are three erotica serialized story authors Terry wanted to make sure people could check out to see how it’s done.

Sara Fawkes

Christa Wick

Kelly Favor

Also, don’t forget that our new book review is “14” by Peter Clines. On Kindle it’s available for $2.99! Well worth it.



Episode 250 – Giving Voice To Words With Veronica Giguere

This week the robots talk with author and voice actor extraordinaire Veronica Giguere. She has narrated and voice acted in so many productions, and she even writes as well, so settle in and enjoy the sultry sounds. From her, that is. Not us. We’re terrible.

Veronica’s Website
Her Facebook Page
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Her Amazon Page

This week’s promo – Glow-in-the-Dark Radio