Episode 257 – Setting The Scene

This week the Robots talk about description and setting the scene. How much description is too much, how much is not enough, and how do you know when to stop? We hope you enjoy the conversation.

We mention Stephen King quite a bit in this episode, so I’d be doing you and him a disservice if I didn’t put in a link for his magnificent book ON WRITING.


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Episode 256 – Talking The Talk

This week the Robots talk about dialogue. Can you write humor? Should you use contractions? When do we use foreign words? These questions and more will be answered! Enjoy.

This topic was sent to us by Nobilis Reed. Go check him out!

This Saturday Paul will be at Confabule!

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This week’s promo – OF THIEVES AND ELVES by A.P. Stephens.


Episode 255 – Earning Experience Points

This week the Robots are joined by listener Michael Brudenell to discuss the topic of experience. How much does it factor into writing, how much should it, and how do we writers get more of it? Enjoy!

Michael’s website

During this episode we also talked about Dan Sawyer’s THROWING LEAD

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Episode 254 – Planning The Year Ahead

This week the Robots talk about how they plan out the year ahead. What stories they’ll work on, when, how, what might get in the way, etc. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

This week’s promo – The Drabblecast: Strange Stories, By Strange Authors, for Strange Listeners