Episode 261 – Kickstarting Her Heart With Amy Dale


This week the Robots sit down to chat with Amy Dale, author of OFF WITH HER HEART. Amy’s book is currently on Kickstarter, I’ve read it, and I think all of you should check it out and help it succeed. Enjoy!

Amy Dale’s Website

The OFF WITH HER HEART Kickstarter Page

Amy’s GEEKY FAUCETS Video Podcast Page

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Episode 260 – Biting Into Salem’s Lot

This week the robots FINALLY review one of the books they said they’d read months ago. Paul offered up Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot,” so this week they rip open that coffin and see what’s there. Enjoy!

This week’s promo – Glow-in-the-Dark Radio

The next book we’ll review is the book I offered up awhile ago, “14” by Peter Clines. Terry has also offered up David Weber’s “Oath Of Swords”


Episode 259 – It’s The Genrepocalypse

This week the Robots settle in to talk about the topic of genre and all it’s carious forms. Should we as writers care what genres people put stories in? Does it matter? What’s the difference between one or the other? Enjoy!

Carl’s Adult Books Site
Terry’s section within Carl’s site

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Episode 258 – Taking The Drama To 11

This week the Robots talk about different ways to increase drama and tension in a story. There are lots of ways to do it, some working better than others. We hope you enjoy!

This week’s promo – A MINOR MAGIC by Justin R. Macumber