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This week Terry and Justin talk about where they are in their writing careers and what they think they’ll be working on next year. We hope you enjoy the show.

Terry has two short stories available for free download!

The Man Who Stole History – A Time Travel Alternate History Short
Coupon Code: BV39P

War Fish – A Military Science Fiction Short
Coupon Code: DC63Q

And here is a link to my article “In Defense of a Dark Superman” over at Geek League of America.



  1. Haha, i’m sad to disagree so deeply with you guys.

    Transformers(i liked the first one, the rest were just confusing to me, and i cannot abide ruthless cgi trash/schlock/poop)

    The dark knight, pretty cool, wonderfully written/directed and acted. and the effects were lovely. (i didnt like Harvey’s 2nd face though haha.)

    I really loved Into Darkness, i adored it to, but i wanted to ask you, Didnt you think there was to much left unsaid?

    The ending felt a little rushed.. I thought the whole point of the movie was to put the bad guy in Jail and on trial! but they just shove him in a hangar lol.

    And that worthless seen where that girl takes off her shirt. And old spock just appearing out of nowhere.


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