Space City Con 2013 – Creating A Podcast Panel


In this week’s episode we present a panel from Space City Con ’13 about how to create a podcast. On the panel was Justin Macumber, Paul Cooley, David Wood of Gryphonwood Press and ThrillerCast, as well as the hosts of Treknologic Podcast. We hope you enjoy.


3 Responses to “Space City Con 2013 – Creating A Podcast Panel”

  1. Anma Natsu says:

    I was really interested in the topic for this episode since I recently started a podcast myself, however the audio quality seems to be a bit off from your normal episodes. Even with my iPad volume maxed out, I could barely hear anything. 🙁

  2. Anma, I’m so sorry you’re having volume trouble. Convention panels are hard to make sound as good as a regular episode just by their very nature. I’ve listened to it on my iPhone, and while it isn’t as clean as what we usually put out, I can still hear all the panelists pretty well. I’m so so sorry you’re having a more difficult time of it.

  3. […] ••  DEAD ROBOTS’ SOCIETY  •• This week the Dead Robots’ Society is beaming from Space City Con ’13, as Justin Macumber and Paul Cooley join David Wood of Gryphonwood Press in a panel discussion on creating a podcast. If you’ve got aspirations to launch your own show, then this is must-listen programming, as these experienced podcasters give you the benefit of their experience to help you get your voice out on the Web! […]

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