Episode 320 – POD book layout with John McCarthy

Join the robots as they talk with an expert on what goes into laying out your book. John McCarthy walks us through the pitfalls of getting the interior of a print project just right.

Some further insight on the subject can be found in this interview with Jane Friedman.

You can reach him at SurfsideCity@gmail.com to do your POD layout for a very reasonable sum. Remember, don’t be that guy. Make your book look like a pro did it.

We also mentioned the following in the show:

The Book Designer — Practical Advice to Help Self-Publishers Build Better Books
Draft2Digital (though I couldn’t remember the name at the time)
Cover Critics
Lousy Covers


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Terry apologizes for the quality of his audio. Google didn’t want to let him in and he was on a phone. The issue has been resolved.

Terry also recommended Deposit Photos as an inexpensive place to get stock images.