Episode 318 – The Amazon Hachette War

Join Paul and Terry as they discuss the Amazon Hachette dispute.


One Response to “Episode 318 – The Amazon Hachette War”

  1. brad says:

    we’ve got to ask ourselves why Amazon wants to go over to the wholesale model so much. As it is they will be earning 30% of $15 or however much a book is selling for, which is probably a lot more than they will make if they were setting the price. This goes back to the Evil Amazon thing you mentioned in the show, but let me put on my tinfoil hat here for a second and say that this will allow them to undercut everyone else’s prices. They can even make a dollar or two loss on all their titles, like they did in the beginning, and who can possibly compete with that. As an author I am terrified of a situation where Amazon has complete control and so just for that, I am standing behind Hachette.

    You also mentioned that The agency model has gone from every other industry, but isn’t this the model they are using in the App stores, as well as every indie online bookstore? You set the price and Amazon takes a cut. Do you really want them to move those over to a wholesale model where they set the selling price of your novel?

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