Episode 325 – Author Earnings with Hugh Howey

This week, the guys talk with author Hugh Howey about authorearnings.com, KDP Select, and KDP Unlimited.

Also, check out Terry’s new science fiction novel.

Finally, Author Edward Lorn is hosting a campaign on Indiegogo to fund the editing of his latest work after some unexpected medical problems. Give him a hand.



Episode 324 – Adverbs, Edits, and Unlimited

Terry and Paul discuss everything from adverb abuse to Kindle Unlimited.


Episode 323 – Prologues and Epilogues

Join the Robots as that talk about prologues and epilogues. What they are, when they should be used, and when they shouldn’t.


Episode 322 – Flashbacks, Tenses, and More!

Join the Robots as they talk about flashbacks, tenses, and whatever else comes across their minds.


Episode 321 – Writing in Shared Worlds with John Mierau

Join the Robots as they talk with author and podcaster John Mierau about writing in a shared universe. We talk about his shared world anthologies Walk The Fire and May The Ferryman Take You.

Visit his site to see what he’s up to at http://ServingWorlds.com.