DRS Episode 398 – Michael R Underwood Gives Good Genre

Terry, Scott, and Paul welcome author Michael R Underwood and discuss pop culture, kickstarters, and genre fiction in general.

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6 Responses to “DRS Episode 398 – Michael R Underwood Gives Good Genre”

  1. john glaze says:

    “When I grew up those things were still fairly uncool…” Love it. If he only knew what we did to games back then.
    Great interview!
    The Diplomacy / Risk play over is still the best!

    I look forward to reading his work.

  2. Nathan Cosby says:

    Can I just say how awful the movie Four Brothers is? No, Scott… No.

  3. I’ll, um, take your word for it since I have absolute 0 trust in Mr. Roche’s taste.

  4. Scott Roche says:

    Nathan. Them’s fightin’ words.

  5. Hi DRS,
    Great interview. I have enjoyed all the interviews in recent months. Keep inspiring us!

  6. […] I’ve known about Michael’s work for some time. We interviewed him for the Dead Robot’s Society. […]

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