DRS Episode 406–Arcs of Misery, Elation, Success, and Failure

Paul and Terry discuss the results of the Hedonometer Project and its analysis of emotional arcs in fiction.



2 Responses to “DRS Episode 406–Arcs of Misery, Elation, Success, and Failure”

  1. cetriya says:

    have not seen the post about pokemon go. I’m pretty good at keeping my self in the dark about random pop culture stuff

  2. Carter Bowles says:

    Caught me off guard hearing my own name in the podcast! Thanks for diving into this. As for me, I’m about halfway between pantser and plotter (under a pen name, don’t ask) and I think it can be useful to think about these emotional ebbs and flows a bit. I know David Wood mentioned that last time about the “all is lost” moment in the adventure genre, which is something that I think comes up in a lot more genres, actually. I also think if you study Pixar they’ve really mastered this stuff. But you could definitely get too calculating with this and end up with something that falls flat.

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