DRS Episode 398 – Michael R Underwood Gives Good Genre

Terry, Scott, and Paul welcome author Michael R Underwood and discuss pop culture, kickstarters, and genre fiction in general.

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DRS Episode 394 – Dave Robison Does EVERYTHING!

Terry and Paul welcome the creative hurricane known as Dave Robison. We discuss all the crazy that Dave is trying to bring to the world along with several other topics.

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DRS Episode 346 – Digging In The Sand With Timothy Ward


Join the Robots and they talk with author Timothy Ward about his works in the world of Sand, created by Hugh Howey. We also discuss what we’d like to have known when we started writing. If only we were so lucky.

Find Timothy at:


You can join his mailing list at:


And enter for a book giveaway at:



DRS Episode 336 – Corncobs, Donkeys, and Ed Lorn

Justin, Paul, and Terry have a conversation with horror author Ed Lorn. No donkeys were hurt in the creation of this episode.


Episode 281 – Biff! Boom! Pow! Writing Comics With Glenn Farrington


This week the Robots talk with Glenn Farrington about the Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming computer program to help people write comic books. It was a great discussion! We hope you enjoy.

The ComixWriter Kickstarter page. Please back this project!

ComixWriter Website

ComixWriter on Twitter

ComixWriter on Facebook

Glenn’s Twitter Page

Glenn’s Facebook Page

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Episode 280 – Selznick’s Pilgrimage And Beyond

This week the Robots chat with Matthew Wayne Selznick about his novels Brave Men Run and Pilgrimage, as well as what he’ll be working on in the future.

bmr pilgrimage charters_duology

Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era

Pilgrimage — A Novel of the Sovereign Era

The Charters Duology

Selznick Serials (free fiction by subscription project)

Creative Services from MWS Media

Reggie vs. Kaiju Storm Chimera Wolf (short story for fans of Pacific Rim)



Episode 279 – Charlie Brown From Dirty Magick to Transmedia

The Robots’ talk with author, screenwriter, and director Charlie Brown about his upcoming anthology and transmedia. What happens when you get a New Orleans native together with two Texans? Come find out.

Go to Lucky Mojo Press to submit your story for the Dirty Magick: LA anthology. Do it now.


Episode 272 – Red Adept Publishing Is In The House


This week the Robots were delighted to sit down with Lynn McNamee of Red Adept Publishing to talk about the evolution of Red Adept and the new direction they’ve headed in. We hope you enjoy!

Red Adept Publishing’s website

The WALK THE FIRE Kickstarter was mention during the show. PLEASE PLEDGE!

Terry mentioned a book on how to find paid and free erotica on Amazon. Here is the Kindle link.

This week’s promo – Indie Author Marketing Info from Matthew Wayne Selznick


Episode 270 – Become Enchanted With Alethea Kontis

DSC_0312 Folks, you are in for a real treat this week as we robots sit down to chat with author Alethea Kontis about her novel ENCHANTED, her path to publication, and how the state of publishing is changing. She was delightful to talk to, and I’m sure you will all enjoy the conversation.

Alethea’s Website

Alethea’s Facebook Page

Alethea’s Twitter Page

If you’d like to read Alethea’s stories, here is her Amazon page.

In this episode we also mentioned Dave Robison and the Roundtable Podcast. Please, if you’re a fan (and how can you not?), send him your support and kind words.

If you’d like to listen to the episode in which Alethea, David, and I helped Lauren Harris brainstorm her story, you can do so HERE.

This week’s promo – WALK THE FIRE Kickstarter


Episode 269 – David Wood And Alan Baxter Perform A Dark Rite

Dark-Rite-5 This week the Robots chat with authors David Wood and Alan Baxter about their joint new short novel, DARK RITE. We discuss collaborative writing, publishing, and horror. Enjoy!

Purchase DARK RITE

David Wood’s Website

Alan Baxter’s Website

Gryphonwood Press

This week’s promo – The Secret World Chronicle Podcast


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