Episode 226 – A Conversation With A. P. Stephens

This week the Robots sit down with indie author A.P.Stephens to talk about his writing, his promotional efforts, and his recent Kickstarter campaign. We hope you enjoy the conversation, and come say hi if you’re at BaltiCon!

A.P. Stephens’ website

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Episode 223 – Saying Goodbye To Eliyanna

This week Terry and Justin have the sad duty of saying goodbye to Eliyanna, who leaves us for the impending joy of motherhood. We hate to see her go, but we’re proud to have had her as a part of the show, and we wish her nothing but love and success.

Eliyanna’s Website
Eliyanna’s Facebook Page
Eliyanna’s Twitter

And with that we’d also like to welcome our newest regular co-host to the show, Paul Elard Cooley. Long time listeners of the show should be more than familiar with Mr. Cooley, or if you have even half an ear to the podioshere ground. We look forward to hearing Paul’s thoughts week in and week out, and know that he’ll add yet another layer to the Dead Robots’ Society nacho platter. Welcome, Paul. Let’s hope you stick around longer than the last one.


Episode 221 – Picking Up The Ghost With Tone Milazzo

This week Justin flies solo and interviews author and aspiring comic book writer Tone Milazzo. They discuss his experience writing his novel PICKING UP THE GHOST, getting it polished and published, and where he goes from here. Enjoy!

Tone’s website
ChiZine Publications

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And just to remind you, the ebook version of PICKING UP THE GHOST will go on sale for $2.99 starting Wednesday, April 25th, through Tuesday, May 8th. Here is a handy link to the Kindle version of the book.


Episode 218 – The Way Of The Gun With J Daniel Sawyer

This week the Robots chat with J Daniel Sawyer about his new non-fiction book “Throwing Lead: A Writer’s Guide to Firearms (and the People Who Use Them).” This is his first reference book, Dan is brilliant, and we hope you enjoy the conversation.

J Daniel Sawyer’s website

This week’s promo – The Parsec Awards

Also mentioned in this week’s show was that LESBIAN COPS, the anthology Terry was part of, is a finalist for a Lambda Award. Congrats, Terry!


Episode 216 – The Robots Go HAYWIRE

This week the tables are turned, and instead of the robots interviewing a guest, Terry takes the mic and chats with Justin about his upcoming novel HAYWIRE, which drops March 13th, 2012. We hope you all enjoy the chat, and that you buy a copy of the book. As links to purchase go hot, we will alert you and post them up.

While chatting, Terry mentioned ACX. If you’re interested in having an audio version of your book made, check them out.

Also, as I mentioned on the show, please go to the Roundtable Podcast to have you story ideas hashed out with a group of great people.


Episode 215 – In Suspense With Katia Lief

This week the Robots chat with suspense author Katia Lief about her books, her method, writing workshops, using pen names, and what her experience has been in publishing her own back catalog. Enjoy!

Katia Lief’s Website

“Why Women Read More Than Men” article mentioned in the show

This week’s promo – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1723504596/the-dark-wife-audiobook by the fine folks at The Way of the Buffalo Podcast


Episode 214 – From The Shadows With Paul E Cooley

This week Justin and Eli sit down to catch up with Paul Elard Cooley about his Garaaga’s Children series, how his self-publishing is coming along, what he things of the current state of horror, and about his ebook autographing app. We hope you enjoy!


MyWriteApp.com – The ebook autographing program Paul created

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Episode 213 – Publishing Erotica With Selena Kitt

This week Terry and Justin sit down to chat with erotica author and publisher Selena Kitt to talk about the current state of erotica, what troubles are bubbling the waters today, and where it might be going. Enjoy!

Selena Kitt’s Website

Dear Author blog post about tonight’s topic

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Episode 212 – 52 Weeks Of Indie With Scott Roche

This week the Robots sit down to chat with Scott Roche about his 52 Weeks of Indie initiative, as well as other projects and catching up on what Flying Island Press is up to. We had a lot of technical difficulties, so please pardon the sound quality.

Scott’s Website
Flying Island Press
52 Weeks of Indie

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Episode 211 – Of Mutants And Magic With Myke Cole And Van Allen Plexico

This week the Robots sit down with Myke Cole and Van Allen Plexico to talk about the different between magic and super hero powers, how they are the same, and why the difference is important (or not). Enjoy!

Myke Cole’s Website
Van Allen Plexico’s Website

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Here are some of the books by the authors we had on this show this week:

And here is that AVENGERS trailer we talked about at the beginning of the show:


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