Espresso is building steam

Is it wrong that I laugh at my own jokes? Anyway, thanks to friend and listener John McCarthy for letting us know about this article from The Boston Phoenix. Enjoy…

Here is a tidbit to whet your appetite.

Perhaps the model’s savior will be self-publishing: folks who want their poems, grandma’s recipes, or Great American Novel printed in a professional package. Would-be authors can print a few copies, see how they sell, and produce more, making small press runs feasible. Not that printing is the same as publishing with an editor and ISBN. But Mayersohn says the self-published won’t be ghettoized. “We haven’t ruled out the possibility that you print your book with us and we’ll put the book on our shelves,” he says.


Google to reincarnate digital books as paperbacks


Thanks to Yahoo for the story. Please click on the link to read the full story. The Cliffnotes version is – remember that Espresso Book Machine we mentioned in our last regular episode, and that was mentioned again in the Self Publishing DC Panel? Yeah, looks like Google has plans for that thing. Go to Yahoo to read more…


Interesting article on E-Books

Harvard Business Review Link!

For everyone interested in what the future of E-Books might look like, click on the link and give it a read. And then, let us know what YOU think!

Thanks to @protomedia for the link.


And the evidence continues to mount

I think that it’s now pretty clear that self publishing is not only a valid way to get your book out into the world, but also one that can lead to success. More of more of these types of stories are appearing. It makes me happy to know that the gatekeepers of publishing are getting cut down little by little.

Thanks to CNN for the article.


Newfangled technology

This was too good for me NOT to put up. Thanks to the guys at Penny Arcade for making it.



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