Justin’s erotica story has been put online

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to drop a line letting you know that I’ve put the text of my erotica story “Little Mysteries” up on my website. I think the story takes on a whole new life through Pip’s spoken words, but the text ain’t bad on its own either (if I do say so myself), so if you want to read it, head on over HERE and do so. And please, if you do, leave me a message letting me know what you think. A writer grows through criticism, not silence.


“Little Mysteries”

My erotica story, “Little Mysteries,” has gone up at Erotica a la Carte: A woman returns to her high school and finds a sweet mystery waiting for her. Thanks, Philippa!



Come read “Pirates Of The Crimson Sand”

Hey, everyone, Justin here. I just wanted to let you know that my short story “Pirates Of The Crimson Sand” has been published by the fine folks at eMuse-Zine. If you want to read it (and I hope you do), just click on THIS LINK and it’ll take you right to it. Thanks for coming by, and please let me know what you think of it.


Want more Justin?

Hey folks, Justin here. This week the great folks over at the Doomcast asked me to come on their show to talk about the Fable and Saints Row video games, as well as wax on and on about other current pop culture items. If you want to listen to the conversation, you can do so HERE. I hope you do, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you go back for more. They’ve been good friends to the show, and I think they put together a good podcast about games. Check them out.


[Justin]: Catching up

Yikes, I can’t believe I let things go so long! Mea culpa…

Well, getting the old writing career going has had its ups and downs. On the downside, I sent my novel “Harbinger” to a small press publisher, but he decided to pass on it. Since it’s only the first in a series of three novels, he felt like it was too much of a risk for a smaller publisher ike himself to take on. I hate it, but I also understand. I’ve since sent the novel off to Tor to see what they think. Their website said it could take up to six months for them to get back to me, so I’m not holding my breath in anticipation. I also had one of my short stories rejected at two magazines. I’ve sent it off to a third one, so I’m hopeful.

But, on the upside, I recently was told that Ray Gun Revival wants to publish my “The Ties That Bind” short story series (an earlier version of it won Honorable Mention in the Writers Of The Future contest), so hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll finalize that sale. I’m also considering taking another swing at making an audio production out of it. I’d thought about doing that many months ago, but at the time I was busy reediting it, and I didn’t want to take a chance on doing an audio version if the story was going to change later on. Now that’s getting published, I can use the printed version as my certainty that it’s done. I’m also hard at work on my new novel. I’m still deciding what to call it. Right now I’m going with “Digital Decay,” but I’m sure that’ll change as I get further into the writing process. I’ve done a lot of brainstorming, I’ve made some notes, and I wrote a prologue. Now I need to do a little more research, write out an outline, and then I can get started on the real writing. Wish me luck.

As for the podcast, it’s going really well. We’re up to Episode 61 now (I was never sure we’d make it this far), and we don’t seem to be slowing down any. We also concluded our short story contest. The other guys are still reading the stories, so we’ll have the winners announced in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Been busy, the holidays are in full swing, and my birthday is coming up. Yeah me.


Ten Writers I Enjoy And Admire – Entry 5

You know what? I just realized I completely forgot to finish out this list here on the main site! Yikes! Mea culpa, everyone. Mea culpa. Let me get back to it…

Today’s entry – Joe Staten.

Joe works for Bungie, and Bungie makes what I consider to be one of the finest video games of all time: the Halo series. Let me see if I can break it down simply…

Halo takes place several hundred years from now. When Halo opens, humanity is engaged in a war with a group of alien races known as the Covenant. The Covenant believe humans to be despoilers of religious artifacts left by beings they call the Forerunners. so their war with us is – for them – a crusade. We learn in the opening cinematic that the Covenant have just destroyed a human military base called Reach, and only one human ship, the Pillar Of Autumnrent a car bulgaria, was able to escape the destruction. Onboard that ship is the last of a group of super-soldiers called Spartans. The Spartans are enhanced humans. raised from childhood to be warriors. There used to be a bunch of Spartans, but Reach saw the end of almost all of them (not really, but you only learn that through the novels), and Master Chief is the only one left. Now, to escape Reach, the Pillar of Autumn‘s IA controller, Cortana, performs a blind jump into hyperspace, but that is what they’re supposed to do. It’s called the Cole Protocal, and they do it so as to not accidentally lead the Covenant to Earth, which they have thus far not found (you also learn in the books that Cortana’s “blind” jump wasn’t so blind). Anyway, once the ship exits its jump, they find that they’ve entered a system filled with Covenant ships. The reason all those ships are there is because the system is home to a giant ring shaped spacestation that the Covenant call Halo. The Covenant believe it to be a very holy relic of the Forerunners, and something that will lead them to paradise, but the humans land on it to find out what it really is. The game that follows is all about Master Chief and Cortana searching through Halo and discovering its true purpose. To find out more about that, play the three games.

Now, I wrote all that to say that I love Halo. I really do love the games. They have a story that is incredibly rich and textured and thought-out, and they’ve certainly influenced my writing. In fact, I make a direct homage to them in my Sovereign Stars novels (I named the royal bodyguards the Amber Clads after a ship that appeared in the second Halo game called In Amber Clad). There are elements of all sorts of other genre movies and stories in it, but what it does with all those is amazing if you dig into it. It’s very much a space opera, and that goes right to my heart. Joe Staten is one of the creators of Halo, and he served as its chief story writer. Later he went on to pen a Halo novel titled “Contact Harvest” that served as a bit of a prequel to the games. “Contact Harvest” was also very well written. I enjoyed damn near every word put on the page. He is able to tell a very military tale, but without making it too hardcore or unemotional. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Go out, pick up Halo 1 – 3, and then get the novels. I think you’ll be in for a real treat.


Two pieces of very good news

Justin wrote:

I’m not going to recriminate myself for not posting in awhile. I’ve done it before, it’ll happen again, and there are only so many times I can apologize and say I won’t do it again before I just start sounding hollow. So, there.

But, I do have some good news! I’m published! My short story, “Dark Running,” has been published in the September issue of Ray Gun Revival. If you want to read the story, please go HERE. I am thrilled to be part of their magazine, and I hope that they’ll want to publish more of my work in the future. I’m happy happy happy.

And, to make life even sweeter, I’ve also been notified that ”Dark Running” has won First Place in the FenCon V short story contest. FenCon is a science fiction and fantasy convention held in Dallas, and this is their fourth year to hold the competition. I entered the competition with no expectations whatsoever, so it was a real treat to see that it won, and First Place no less. w00t!

Anyway, things are going well for me right now, and I’m going to do everything I can to keep that going. Take care yourself, and come back!


So so tired…

Justin wrote:

I am so tired. I know it’s been a long time since I posted, and a lot of that is because – frankly – there just wasn’t much going on in my life worth letting people know of. I’m not one of those types who thinks that every thought and bathroom visit is worth notifying […]

Read more…


Comic-Con – Day Two

Justin wrote:

Yeah, I’m about done. That didn’t take long, did it? I guess as I get older I have less and less patience for what I consider to be bullshit. All the endless crowds and lines and asshole people have conspired to drain just about all the fun out of this experience. Such a shame.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have had me some fun. Yesterday I got to see Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillian in person, and that was a blast (my wife especially enjoyed the Fillian part – she loves her some Captain Hammer/Malcome Reynolds), and seeing the cast and writers from Family Guy and American Dad was great, but it’s everything surrounding those things that wore me out. By the time we were out of there, I had nothing left in me. And this morning, when I got up, I knew I couldn’t face another round offighting people and standing in lines, so I’m going to miss the Hereos and Lost panels. Not that I could have gotten into those anyway since people started lining up last night at midnight to get into those. I am bummed.

Plus, my wife is even more tired of it. She had planned on trying to get Dean Koontz’s autograph and sit in on his panel, but now she doesn’t even want to go back into the con at all. I hate that, because I knew she was really looking forward to that, and knowing that her fun has been taken away tarnishes the experience a bit for me.

Anyway, today I’ll I’m going to do is go the Starkville/Tenth Wonder panel, and then possibly see if I can find the Geekscape podcast, and then I’m going to leave.

I don’t think I’ll be coming back to the con for at least a couple of years. It’s just too much, and my patience is too little. Here’s hoping Dragon*Con proves to be a more enjoyable experience.


Comic-Con – Day One

Justin wrote:

Dear lord, my feet are sore, and I think I nearly drowned in geekness. Yesterday was a Preview Night, with most of the time taken up by just getting our four-day passes (why they don’t mail them is beyond me, especially given the chaos of that process), but once we had our passes we went into the con and checked it out. First off, it is HUGE. I think the building is about five or so city blocks long, but after winding your way through throngs of people it might as well be five miles. My wife and I wandered a bit and bought a few shirts before she bugged out while I stuck around the do an interview with Jonathan London (http://www.geekscape.net). The walk out of there and back to our hotel felt like it took all the strength that I had left in me.

Once I was back in the room, I settled in at the small table, opened the program guide, and began to map out what panels I wanted to see. It was a healthy list. I then eat a burger, took a shower, and went to bed.

This morning my feet felt pretty good, which surprised me. My wife decided to rent a car so that she could tool around San Diego and perhaps go to Tijuana while I geeked out. Traffic nearly kept me from making it to my first scheduled panel, which was a solo discussion given by J. Michael Straczynski about professional writing. Luckily, I made it, and It was fantastic. On a down note, though, the recording I took of it is really quiet. I’m hoping that I can pump up the volume of his voice so that it is easier to listen to without also pumping up louder bits. We shall see. I then went to another panel (not as good), was somewhat forced to sit through another panel (meh), but then got to sit in on a fairly interesting talk. The recording on it was better. But, by the time that one was over, so was I. I managed to make it throuh one more, but that one was strictly for me. It was a spotlight panel on Bill Willingham, the writer of Fables, one of my favorite comics.

Once the panels were done I wanted to roam around the con floor a bit to pick up some new books and such. And, I managed to find a few good ones, but it took me hours to find them in the midst of everything else. Some cool finds just aren’t worth the pain.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day, but this time I’m going to take it easy. I’m going to skip a panel in the late morning and just try to get in early enough to get a seat in the Joss Whedon panel, which will be followed by panels for American Dad and Family Guy. I’m hoping I’ll leave tomorrow in better shape than I’m in now. Otherwise… ooff.

And with that, I bid you all a good night…


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