Terry’s Anthology Story

Terry here. The editor of the anthology I’m in this April has made a blog post about the stories included in the book. She gives a rundown on all the stories that were included. Give it a look, and if the urge strikes, preorder a copy. There is some not safe for work cover art on this page, so check it out from home. Bet you can figure out which one I am.


Episode 157 – Saying Goodbye To Ryan

This week Justin, Terry, and Amanda settle in to say goodbye to Ryan. He has been part of the show since it started over three years ago, and it has been an absolute blast. Ryan, you will be terribly missed, and you’ll always be a Dead Robot. Goodbye…

This week’s promo – Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine


Sad news for the Dead Robots’ Society

As was mentioned in this week’s episode, Ryan has made the decision to leave the DRS podcast at the end of this year. No animosity or acrimony precipitated this decision, so no one need worry that he’s leaving under anything but good feelings and well wishes. Ryan is an amazing person, and we are going to miss him terribly. He has been part of the podcast since it began over three years ago, always ready with a witty comment and joke, and we know the show won’t be the same without him. Trust me, this isn’t easy on any of us…

If you have something you’d like to say to Ryan, a goodbye or a well wish or especially a jab, please send it in. We’d love to have some emails and voice mails to send him off with. It would mean a lot to us, and I know he’d love it. His last episode will be here before you know it, so please send them in as soon as you can.

Thank you so much…


“I’m the talent.”

I saw this recently and thought you fine folks might get a laugh out of it. I hope so, anyway. Enjoy…


Justin is on the Pendragon Variety Podcast

Hey all, it’s Justin. I wanted to let you know that last weekend I was honored to appear on the Pendragon Variety Podcast, which is hosted by a bunch of kickass women, and we talked about my new work in progress – A Minor Magic. This is my first (urban post-apocalyptic) fantasy novel, and it’s my first time to write a young female character in a semi-modern world setting. The ladies of the PVP were amazing to talk to, and I know that their suggestions and advice will be a big help as hammer away at the story. If you’d like to listen in on the discussion, please do so by using the player below.

Thank you, ladies. You were a blast to talk to, and oh so helpful.


Dark Running

This is Justin Macumber’s podcast short story, “Dark Running.” It is the story of Charlie, a soldier called to answer for his past by a person driven by a desperate need for vengence. To save not only his own life, but that of his wife, Charlie will have to wade through the shifting shadows of his own mind. What he finds there will shake him to his core.

We hope you enjoy this audio story. If you’d like to read the text version, click HERE.

The following people lent their amazing voices to this production, and I cannot thank them enough:

Bryan Lincoln – Charlie
Veronica Giguere – Jane
J. Daniel Sawyer – Russian Soldier
Dan Absalonson – Jacob

The intro and outro song for this podcast is “Hold On For Your Life” by Chasing Melfina.


Justin Interviewed on the Fullcast Podcast – Part 2

This is part two of the interview I did with Bryan and Abbie of the Fullcast Podcast. My thanks go out to them for making the experience so enjoyable.


Justin interviewed on the Fullcast Podcast

Hey, everyone. Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down (digitally speaking) with Bryan Lincoln and Abbie Hilton of the Fullcast Podcast. They wanted to talk with me about my short stories and the podcasts I’ve made of them. We talked about what it’s like working with voice actors, where to get good music and sound effects, and how I put it all together, amongst other things. We had a really good time. So good — in fact — that we talked long enough to make it a two-parter. So, here I present you with Part One of my interview with Fullcast. I hope you enjoy it…


The Dame Wore White

Hello, everyone, Justin here. I finally was able to finish the podcast version of my latest short story, “The Dame Wore White.” This story has yet to find a home in print, but I’m trying, and I’d appreciate some crossed fingers on its behalf. I hope you enjoy this audio presentation. My deepest thanks go out to the kind folks who lent their vocal talents, making this much better than it had a right to be. The cast is as follows:

Justin Macumber – Narrator
James Durham – Sal
Philippa Ballantine – Aubrey
Terry Mixon – Marlo
Xander Snyder – Big Red & Security Thug
Ryan E Stevenson – Joey & Serving Droid

And, last but not least, let me thank my brother Scott for the artwork that graces this story. Scott’s been doing cover art for me for awhile now, and he tops himself with every new effort. Thanks, bro, for everything.

That’s it! Please let me know what you think!


Terry’s Erotica a la Carte story “The Will of the Gods” has been released

Hey, everyone, just wanted to let you know that Terry’s story, “The Will of the Gods,” which he wrote and produced for Philippa Ballantine’s Erotica a la Carte podcast, has been released. You can listen to it by going to the Erotica a la Carte website, or you can use the player located below. I hope you enjoy it!

And, please, leave a comment on the EalC site about what you thought!


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