DRS Episode 377 – J Dan Sawyer Talks

Terry, Justin, Scott, and Paul visit with author J Daniel Sawyer and discuss book bundles, Dan’s new NaNoWriMo podcast, and a ton of other topics.



DRS Episode 376 – NaNoWriMo This!

Terry, Paul, and Justin discuss getting prepared for and how to execute Nano. You should listen to us because we’ve never done it and are therefore experts.


DRS Episode 375 – A Fireside Chat With Justin And Terry

Sit back with your beverage of choice and join Justin and Terry for a casual fireside chat about publishing and writing.


DRS Episode 374 – Batteries [Not] Included

Paul, Scott, and sometimes Terry discuss how to get through the grind and strategies to prevent/deal with burnout.


DRS Episode 373 – Publishing On A Budget

Join the Robots as they explore how to publish on a budget and what you can’t skimp on.


DRS Episode 372 – Writing Short Fiction Like A Boss

Scott, Terry, Justin, and Paul think they know how to write short fiction which is: anything less than novel length. Also? Is Scott an insect?


DRS Episode 371 – Quantity Quality Quixotic

Scott, Terry, and Paul discuss whether or not it’s possible to publish too many books a year, or write too many books in a year. Also, we touch on some possible writing prompts for this election season.

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DRS Episode 370 – Rushing To The End

Justin, Terry, and Paul discuss issues with finding and making the ending happen. What do you do if you get stuck? Also, what the hell is a Parsec Award anyway?


DRS Episode 369 – The Meddlesome Middle

Terry and Paul discuss how they deal with writing the dreaded “middle” of the book and strategies to get past problems. Not that they work for us, of course, but in theory, we know what to do…or not.


DRS Episode 368 – Macumber Has An Evil Plan

Justin, Terry, Paul, and Scott welcome voice actor, writer, and all around great person Veronica Giguere to brainstorm Justin’s evil plan for a new podcast series based around his Still Water and Fragile properties. No moobs were hurt during this episode.

You can find Veronica Giguere at http://voicesbyveronica.com.


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