DRS Episode 342 – Dreams in Fiction


Justin, Terry, and Paul discuss using dream sequences in fiction.

Due to new audio capture software, there might be a couple of audio artifacts in the audio. My apologies


Episode 341 – Brainstorming LWF

Terry and Scott discuss brainstorm Terry’s upcoming adventure in the world of Libertarian Wank Fiction (LWF). And yes, that is a genre WE ROBOTS ARE PIONEERING!


Episode 340 – Reflecting On The Past And Looking Forward

Terry, Justin, and Scott gather to reflect on their writing during the past year and part the mists of the future to plan to do better.


DRS Episode 339 – Michell Plested and YA Fiction

Paul and Terry interview Michell Plested and discuss YA Fiction, Collaborative Writing, and other disturbing topics.


DRS Episode 338 – Building Worlds

Justin, Paul, and Terry discuss “world builder’s disease” and the smaller worlds writers should focus on.


DRS Episode 337 – Overthinking The Thinking

Justin, Paul, Scott, and Terry discuss the problems over thinking plots, characters, and etc while you’re writing.


DRS Episode 336 – Corncobs, Donkeys, and Ed Lorn

Justin, Paul, and Terry have a conversation with horror author Ed Lorn. No donkeys were hurt in the creation of this episode.


DRS Episode 335 – Storming Dave’s Brain

Dave Robison from the Roundtable Podcast joins Terry and Paul for a brainstorming session. Hilarity ensues…


DRS Episode 334 – Proof This, Bubba!

Veil-of-Shadows-200x300Justin, Paul, Scott, and Terry discuss ways to improve your proofing before the final publishing steps.


Episode 333 – Thrill ‘em and Kill ‘em


This week’s episode is brought to you by the Loft Literary Center. The Loft Literary Center, located in Minneapolis, is one of the nation’s leading literary nonprofits and offers a wide array of online and in-person creative writing classes for all levels and genres. Online classes are offered seasonally, so all you need is Wi-Fi to learn from experienced writers and transform that creative spark into a piece of art.

Paul, Scott, and Terry discuss the ins and outs of pacing and story structure for writing thrillers.


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