A Study in Scarlet

I’ve decided to start producing a full-cast, sound effects and music included, podiobook production of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes book: A Study in Scarlet. This work is in the public domain.

The cast list is complete, though I do not have people for all the roles, yet. The script is complete. Feel free to check it out.


The Assigned Roles (in alphabetical order)

Brigham Young – Richard Asplund, Jr.
Dr. Watson – Terry Mixon
Flashback Narrator – Justin Macumber
Jefferson Hope – Justin Macumber
John Ferrier – William Rodrigue
John Rance, Constable – James Batchelor
Lestrade – P.G. Holyfield
Lucy Farrier – Amanda Cales
Police Inspector – Steve11
Sherlock Holmes – Ryan Stevenson
Stamford – James Batchelor
Tobias Gregson – Tee Morris

The Open Roles (in alphabetical order)

Cowper (Male American)
Elder Stangerson (Male American) – AUDITIONING
Enoch Drebber (Male American) – AUDITIONING
Joseph Stangerson (Male American) – ON OFFER
Mormon man 1 (Male American)
Mormon man 2 (Male American)
Mormon man 3 (Male American)
Mrs. Sawyer (Old Woman, British)
Retired Sergent of Marines (Male British) – AUDITIONING
Unnammed Cabbie (Male British)
Wiggins (street boy British)

Shout out (terry@eknifeshop.com) if you’d like to take a swing at a part and I’ll shoot you some lines to record and some directions.

I won’t be posting anything until all the recording is done, and the production is complete. I don’t intend to do this in a rushed manner. That means we can all take a deep breath and not feel pressured by time constraints and posting schedules.

Email me and tell me what you think about my insane idea at the email address above.


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