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Month: February 2008

Dead Robots Invade Dragon*Con!

That’s right! Your beloved Dead Robots’ Society will be representing at this year’s Dragon*Con (Aug. 29th – Sept. 1st in Atlanta). So far, it’s just me (Justin), but if enough people beg and send money we might be able to…


Episode 21 – Dingoes Ate My Story!

Our stories are our babies, so join the Dead Robots as they discuss them and how you should protect them in this wondrous age of electronic living. We get into posting your stories on blogs, forums, and as podiocasts. Is…


Quick Update

Well, we just concluded our interview with Tee Morris, one of the godfathers of podiobooks. It was a great discussion, and it ran so long that we’re actually going to make two episodes out of it. Look for the first…