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Amanda wrote:

Finally, after what seems like a week full of exhaustion, bad dreams, and friend-related turmoil, I had a good day today. In fact, it was an absolutely fantastic day which I feel proud to have lived. It is made even better by the fact that I only have to work two days this week, and that as soon as Friday rolls around I will be headed out into the Smoky Mountains to go CAMPING! =D Yes, I’m going to disappear into the foliage with my tent, notebook, and trusted family members for the entirety of Memorial Day weekend. I’m very excited. We visited the campsite a couple weeks ago and it’s so gorgeous. And so quiet. I’m going to love it, I just know it. Plus I get to wear my new huge shiny knife that I bought at Smoky Mountain Knife Works. =D I have dubbed him Mr. Pointy and he will be going with me everywhere to protect me against BEARS. (Since I am in Tennessee this word is, of course, pronounced “bars” for full comedic effect.) And VOLS. (*sigh* that comment will probably get me hate mail…) Naturally of course I will blog about everything when I get back. ^_^

In the meantime, I think I’m going to take my friend’s advice and spend tomorrow curled up in bed watching movies. ♥ Or reading a book, whichever.

Also, I am finally caught up on the new season of Doctor Who, (I’m watching it on Sci-Fi, just so everyone knows, so technically I’m still behind compared to all of you lucky dogs living in the UK. if you use that fact to gloat, I will tell you to shut up.) and SQUEE. I mean, seriously. U.N.I.T. SONTARANS. (oh, I had such a fangirl moment with all the old skool camera angles and the helmets and everything. hell, I’m giggling again just thinking about it.) Donna not being a whiny bitch. David Tennant’s crazy hair. SQUEE. And, of course, that special moment in the first episode which I won’t mention since ’tis spoilery in the extreme. I’m also really enjoying the fact that the Doctor’s companion this season isn’t totally in luuuurve with him. It’s a lot more casual, and more like the old days. The humor is good too. Oh yes, I am a very happy Who girl tonight. Again, SQUEE!!!!! Haha!!

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