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Today’s writer I’m going to talk about is Bill Willingham. Now, I’m sure that almost none of you know who he is. Up until just recently, I hadn’t either. But, several months ago I started getting back into comic books, and one title that people mentioned to me over and over again was “Fables.” Figuring it was worth a shot, I picked up the first trade collection, and within seconds I was in love. “Fables” is an incredibly well written book, and the inventiveness of it makes me so jealous.

Basically, “Fables” puts forward the idea that all of the stories that we grew up with (Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio, etc.) are all real, and once upon a time they lived in a faraway place called the Homelands. But, a terrible power rises that they call The Adversary, and they all have to flee the Homelands to live here in our world. Now they live in a borough of New York called Fabletown, living lives much like we do, though of course with a twist. The series follows their struggles in our world, with their war with the Adversary coming to a head as well. The dialogue is sharp as a knife, the characters are all well drawn (pardon the pun), and their adventures are a delight to read. I look forward to each and every trade as they come out (Volume 10 just dropped, and it’s sitting next to me, waiting…).

Anyway, every time I read Bill Willingham’s words I find myself elated and inspired. I can only hope to one day be as good as he is.



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