[Amanda]: Well, it’s official…

Amanda wrote:

…I am now no longer a teenager. As of today, I turned 20 years old. Maybe not the most spectacular milestone, but I like it. Here’s to the next quarter of my life being even better and bringing me even more happiness. (and also the ability to legally drink. w00t!)

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2 thoughts on “[Amanda]: Well, it’s official…”

  1. Ah, 20 … I remember 20. I was already drinking for a year. At 20, Canadian teenagers have to fashion small hockey stick blades out of frozen maple syrup, and then challenge a polar bear to a game of one on one on the wasteland lakes of the north. It usually takes a while to get the skates on the bear, what with their aversion to footwear, but if you’ve done it once, you’ve done it a million times. Polar Bears have terrible forward defense.

    Anyway, happy birthday, kid! (yeah, you’re 20, but I can still call you kid. You can call Justin “gramps” if you’d like).

  2. *grin* Thanks, Ryan. Reading all of that, I’m now glad I wasn’t raised in Canada. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to polar bears.

    I’ve got no problem with being the kid, but if Justin is “gramps”, what does that make you? The crazy drunken uncle?

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