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You know, I have no idea how many people actually come here to read the show notes or posts, but even if all this is for an audience of 0, I should do a better job of making sure I keep the housekeeping up. So, let this post do that.


Episode 48, Back From Dragon*Con.

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Well, Justin is back from Atlanta, and he thought this episode would be a good opportunity to relay what he learned, as well as tell a story about a chance encounter with a listener. After that Ryan talks about his difficulty with editing. Enjoy!


Here are three panels that I think our listeners would enjoy and find informative from Dragon*Con

DRS Special Episode – Dragon*Con Panel #1 – Babbling Writers

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The Babbling Writers panel from Dragon*Con 2008, hosted by the Dead Robot Justin Macumber. On the panel were Tee Morris, Philippa Ballantine, PG Holyfield, JC Hutchins, Mur Lafferty, Mike Stackpole, and briefly Scott Sigler.

DRS Special Episode – Dragon*Con Panel #2 – Podcasting Your Writing

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Here is the second Dragon*Con panel I promised you. This is about podcasting your writing, and it is from the hardware/software side of things. It is from last year’s con, and I’m hoping that all of you gets something out of it.

DRS Special Episode – Dragon*Con Panel #3 – Writing For Audio

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And here is the third and final Dragon*Con panel that I thought would be of interest. It is about how to write for audio. The panel contains Mike Stackpole, Christiana Ellis, Tee Morris, PG Holyfield, JC Hutchins, Seth Harwood, and Swoopy is moderating.


Episode 49 – It Was The Professor In The Study With The Candlestick!

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In this week’s exciting episode, Terry guides the Dead Robots down the dark and dangerous road that is the Mystery genre. So, pull your trench coats closed, tilt your fedoras, and make sure your guns are loaded. Enjoy!


Episode 50 – Location Location Location

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This week the Dead Robots’ discuss the important topic of settings and locations. Are they just a place to have the action take place in, or can they be more? What senses best evoke the setting, and how can that setting best serve your story? Join us!



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