Episode 57 – Dark Times Of The Writer’s Soul

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We all have our dark periods, when we think our writing sucks and that we’re worthless. No matter who you are, you will suffer times of doubt and sadness. Such is the lot of the artist. Join us as we discuss these times and how you can get through them.


2 thoughts on “Episode 57 – Dark Times Of The Writer’s Soul”

  1. I just started listening to your podcast, and I found something in this episode kind of astonishing. One of you is considering abandoning a project after (maybe) receiving one rejection (and a very positive rejection at that). Dude. Do you know how many rejections are normally required to achieve a first book sale? If you can’t paper your walls in rejection slips, you haven’t given that book a fair shot. They also help to grow the elephant hide. Thicken the skin and keep going.

  2. Abbie, I hear what you’re saying. And, you’re right. I should keep sending it out. It’s not like it could hurt, certainly. I’m still going to continue working on my new story, but there’s no reason I can’t keep shopping the old one around. Thanks for being another voice in the chorus telling me to keep at it.

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