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In this episode the Dead Robots talk with friend of the show and author of “Murder At Avedon Hill” PG Holyfield about the genre of fantasy. Originally we were going to do this topic about a month ago, during the week of Halloween, but then we switched it that week’s topic to the horror genre to take advantage of the season. Along with that change we asked PG if we would postpone his appearance on the show so that we could have Scott Sigler come on and talk about horror. He was kind enough to understand say yes. Unfortunately, Scott’s schedule got changed at the last minute, so we ended up without any guest hosts. But, that is the past, this is the new, and PG is back on the air with us. Were it not for him, this discussion on the fantasy genre would have sucked. Send him your praises and your kind reviews. He deserves it.

Thank you, PG!

PG’s website is at

Also, make sure to visit http://www.tobiasbuckell.comto see how Tobias is doing. He’s a new friend to the show, and one we want to keep around for a very long while. Get better, Tobias!



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