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That’s right! Today’s the day! Scott Sigler’s latest novel, “Contagious,” is now out in stores and available for your ravenous consumption. It is the sequel to his amazing horror novel “Infected”. I know I’ll be picking this up today, and you’d better do the same if you know what’s good for ya. Click on the link below to get your copy NOW! I’m also including a link to “Infected” in case you somehow missed that one too. Once you’re done ordering your copies, head on over to Scott’s homepage to get even more Sigler goodies. You know you can’t get enough.

Terry here, adding to what Justin said. Scott is on a book tour and may be coming to a city near you. If so, you might want to hold off on getting that book and getting it at the store where he’s doing a signing. That’s what I’ll be doing. Supporting my local book store so other great authors might come visit. And I’ll be taking my copy of Infected to be signed. Check the list of stops I’m posting and see if he’s coming near you. Also, check the listings at the specific store to see their policy on getting books signed.



  1. I like his stuff, doubtful he’ll make it all the way down here to BFE Georgia if it isn’t DragonCon though, unfortunately. We are pretty low on the list.


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