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Month: March 2009

FenCon VI Short Story Contest Is Open!

That’s right, this year’s FenCon short story contest has opened its doors. FenCon VI is running from September 18th through the 20th, but you can submit your short story now. Since I won First Prize last year, I can’t enter…


Ray Gun Revival – Issue #51

* Direct Download via the podcast * * Direct Download via Ray Gun Revival * RGR Issue 51 by Johne (Phy) Cook The search party has returned. Get Issue #51 while you can! 56 pages The Overlords’ Lair: Random acts…


I am Present!

“Get a web presence!” they say to me. Okay. I’ll do that. But first, I say “how? What do I have to say?” And a certain other host of the DRS keeps telling me that the neverending stream of s**t…


[Justin]: This weekend sucked

Justin wrote: My weekend started with my microwave going out. It has been kind of wonky for weeks now, but Saturday morning it decided to finally give up the ghost. And, of course, it wasn’t a standalone counter microwave. No,…


[Justin]: A quick update

Justin wrote: optical communication A few bits of news to make sure this place doesn’t completely get forgotten. One, I’m still unemployed. I’ve sent out dozens of applications, but so far none have gotten back to me, and that is really…