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RGR Issue 51 by Johne (Phy) Cook

The search party has returned. Get Issue #51 while you can!

56 pages

The Overlords’ Lair: Random acts of unsolicited encouragement

“Direct Observation” by Adrian Simmons
The Hive Consortium was losing their war. Could human children be their solution?

“Spider on a Sidewalk” by Paula R. Stiles
A captain and her crew try to solve a mystery of perspective in a dangerous part of space.

“Smart Bomb” by O. Charles Swallows, Jr., Mr.
Their ship crashed, two aliens attempt to convince a planet-busting bomb to delay detonation.

“Inquefish” by Steven Gerard
The beach was always a place for relaxation and renewal, until now.

“Torva Prime” by Chip Meador
There’s plenty of work for a P.I. on Torva Prime, but like any city, it has its rough spots.

Featured artist , Lev Savitskiy, Ukraine

“Calamity’s Child, Chapter Six: Rites of Passage – Dante’s Fourth, by Gaslight, Part Two” by M. Keaton

“Thieves’ Honor: Episode Six: The Game – Taw, Anyone?” by Keanan Brand

“Deuces Wild, Season Two: Chapter 8 – Final Flight” by L. S. King

“Jasper Squad, Episode 11 — The Lieutenant’s Gambit, Part II: Revelations and Ruin” by Paul Christian Glenn



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