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Month: May 2009

iTunes reviews, we needs ’em.

Hey everybody, this is Justin. Listen, I know every week or so we mention that we would like for more reviews in iTunes, but I thought I’d go the extra mile and post a link here that anyone who uses…


This week’s episode

Hey, everybody, Justin here. A minor medical emergency crept up this week causing us to delay this week’s episode until next week. But, PG was at BaltiCon last week, and he said he has some great panels recordings that he…


Ryan’s Goodbye to a Shitty Mic

I don’t know what episode we’re coming up on, but I’ve done them all with this piece-of-poop headset microphone. Yeah, I said it: poop. Pooptacular, even. It sounded like I was recording while leaning my head out the window of…


New Voice Mail Number

Hey, everbody, I wanted to let you know that we’ve had to get a new voice mail number. We use a free service, but it requires the line to actually be used every once in awhile, and sadly we don’t…