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Episode 82 – Chatting With Matt Selznick About Selling Stories

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This week the Dead Robot crew sits down with friend-of-the-show and three-pet guest Matt Selznick to talk about his new venture in selling a short story series based in his Sovereign Era universe. We also get updates on his chapbook sales, his other ventures, and how his internet concert with. And, somehow, we get off on a discussion of fudge pops. It was a Ryan sparked discussion, so go figure. Enjoy!

Matt’s Website

Hazy Days And Cloudy Nights – Try It For Free!

Hazy Days And Cloudy Nights For Those Out Of Work!

Brave Men Run: A Novel Of The Sovereign Era

This Week’s Promo – Kimi Alexandre’s Guardians



  1. Chocolate Popsicle – THEY EXIST. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture, but I have made a non-dairy chocolate sorbet for a friend who’s son is allergic to dairy but wanted chocolate ice cream for his birthday. The ingredients include cocoa powder, water, melted dark chocolate, and sugar. The recipe is similar to this one:

    Like many things, I’m sure you can put it on a stick and… well, now, that just sounds dirty. But you get the point (that what she said!).

    P.S. – I met Justin at Dragon*Con last year – I was the woman at the Dragon Moon Press book launch party wearing horns. I participate in SciFi Surplus, or did when it was still active.

  2. Pam, I made sure Ryan sees that. Now we just have to wait for him to get around to reading his email.

    Oh, and I remember meeting you. Hello again!

  3. I saw it. So far, it’s the front runner. My knee-jerk reaction is to argue that it’s not a true chocolate popsicle, but it does meet my criteria. So huge points on that one. I will award Pam some Victory points.

    As for “putting it on a stick”, you can put pretty much anything on a stick. Does something with a stick in it, in your ice box / freezer count as a popsicle? We’re heading into dangerous territory here, but I like it. What IS a popsicle? Can I make interesting popsicles, like cheese popsicles? I like to freeze my chocolate bars; if I ram a piece of dowling into the end of a Mars bar and freeze it, is that a Fudgecicle (note: NOT chocolate popsicle)? Pam, ya got me thinking…

    I won’t bring up Muffin vs. Cupcake … beat that one to death …

    Anyway, game on!


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