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Episode 83 – Kimi Alexandre Talks About Guardians

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This week the Dead Robots (sans PG) settle in with podcaster Kimi Alexandre to chat with her about her upcoming podcast story “Guardians” while also delving into some audio production shop talk. We also discuss the genre of urban fantasy, as well as which authors are worth checking out. And then, just when you think we’re done, we get into a little revision feedback based on an email Mark Horehead sent us. So, sit down with us and enjoy!

Kimi’s Talechasing Site

The Guardian Podcast Site

This week’s promo – Adventures In Sci-Fi Publishing



  1. Hey,
    Nice site. I have to admit, I’ve yet to hear of you…until Kimi tweeted this interview. I think I’ll subscribe. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey, thank you so much! We have all of our older shows in the Archives, so if you want to start from the beginning, there ya go (though I have no idea why you’d want to do that 😉 ).

  3. Suck it, Ryan.

    This place in Nashville ( makes Chocolate Popsicles in a variety of flavors – Chocolate with Paprika! Chocolate with wasabi!

    This place in Raleigh ( makes Chocolate Popsicles that aren’t Fudgsicles, too.

    And no, you can’t buy them in a box in a store, but please don’t tell you only consider mass-manufactured and marketed items to be the only “legit” items you can buy. I believe you’ve just crushed the dreams of people who are interested in self-publishing, as well as spitting in the face of the FDO by discrediting the version of The Rookie that is for sale currently.

    And according to my 8th grade Home Ec teacher, the difference is that muffins are mixed together by combining all the dry ingredients in one bowl and all the wet ingredients in another bowl, and slowly mixing the dry into the wet. For cupcakes, you pretty much dump it all in the bowl at the same time. Also, cupcakes tend to be lighter and fluffier, and most, if any height comes from fancy icing and decorations. Muffins are denser and a much less uniform texture (usually due to the fruit or other extras thrown in the batter).

  4. If the argument was made that the popsicles I posted didn’t meet the “store bought” criteria just because they were not a national brand of popsicle (thus, mass market). I equated a small business with self-publishing, which is the tact Scott is taking with The Rookie.

    Apparently I was too hopped up on caffeine to make the argument effectively!

  5. Mmm. Wasabi.

    Muffin = bread. Cupcake = cake. Very simple if, admittedly blurry. Depends on the amount of fat and, more importantly, sugar in the recipe.

    Fun interview guys, keep it coming.

  6. 1a Eintrag, vielen Dank. Ich bin schon seit 7 Jahren DER wahnsinniger Star Trek Liebhaber. Meiner Meinung nach ist Star Trek ein überragender Höhepunkt in der Geschichte der Science-Fiction Epoche, nicht von ungefähr haben die Werke vierzehn Oscar-Nominierungen erhalten und fast 1,5 Milliarden US-Dollar eingespielt. Mein totaler Lieblingsfilm ist der Klassiker „The Motion Picture“. Ich denke dass die Star Trek Reihe noch ewig fortgesetzt wird.


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