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Episode 84 – Erotica Roundtable (Warning – Rated R)

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This week the Dead Robots add extra chairs to the table to fit all the guests, and then lower the lights, all the better to discuss writing erotica. Terry worked hard to bring together a list of speakers both long and distinguished – Nick Scipio, Helen Madden, Nobilis, and Philippa Ballantine. Be warned, it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also extremely racy! Enjoy!

Nick Scipio’s Website
Nick Scipio’s Twitter Page

Helen E. H. Madden’s Website
The Write Threesom Blog
Helen’s Twitter Page

Nobilis’ Website
Nobilis’ Podcast
Nobilis’ Twitter Page

Pip’s Website
Erotica Ala Carte
Chasing The Bard’s Podiobooks Page
Chasing The Bard’s Website
Pip’s Twitter Page



  1. It was great fun listening to the podcast, much more so than the usual ones! Thanks to everyone who took part, and to Justin and Terry for arranging it.

    Huh. NOW I find I’ve been pronouncing “Regan” wrong all this time. 😉

  2. I think he meant other podcasts not being so fun. Ours are always fun, right?

  3. Who said that they started as under the pen name WineMaker? I thought I heard that, but wasn’t familiar enough with all the voices to figure out who it was.

  4. /Me waves. That was and is me. I still will be writing more erotica under that pen name in the future, though. I’m just not being as secretive any more.

  5. Justin: Yes, it was a compliment! I usually find podcasts – and, for that matter, talk radio, even BBC Radio 4 – difficult to listen to, as my impatience comes to the fore, and I want to both ‘skip to the good bits’ and go back over what’s just been said. I scan text better than I hear the spoken word, I guess. This one had me listening throughout. Well done.


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