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I don’t know what episode we’re coming up on, but I’ve done them all with this piece-of-poop headset microphone. Yeah, I said it: poop. Pooptacular, even. It sounded like I was recording while leaning my head out the window of a 60’s Mustang, driving full bore across the great Canadian west. Windy. Maybe not so much on the show as it did when I did promos and voice work for people. Doesn’t matter. It was $12 bucks. I got my $11 bucks worth. What’s a buck between friends.

Now, finally, I’m using the microphone I use for my singing. It’s purdy. Problem always was that it’s an XLR style mic that requires phantom power, and that stuff ain’t easy to come by. It’s the kind of feature that’s included in a lot of preamps, but it’s rarely indicated whether it’s in there or not. Now, I’m running it through an ART Tube Preamp Studio that I picked up for a measley what-I-expected-to-pay-minus-$111. That’s right, musicians-who-listen-to-the-show: I’m rockin’ my voice through a tube preamp now. Dare I say, I sound tubular?

Anyway, next show I’m on, you’ll hear it. If you liked my old fan mic, you can send fan mail to the show’s email address. Share fond memories of it’s Sigourney-Weaver-style facehugger hold on my head, or how it used to put an awkward horizontal part in my otherwise very vertical Frohawk.

Peace out, Dead Robots.




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