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Part Two of “Tales Of The Breaking Dawn: The Ties That Bind” is on the air!


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Hey, folks, Justin here. As promised, here is Part Two of my four-part series “Tales of the Breaking Dawn: The Ties That Bind,” a science fiction story about the star-freighter Breaking Dawn and its crew. I hope you enjoyed Part One, and that this one whets your appetite for more. Please send me feedback letting me know what you think. My email address is

Here is the cast list:

Justin Macumber – Narrator
Kimi Alexandre – Captain Jessica Quimbly
Terry Mixon – Boo
PG Holyfield – Cam
Ryan E Stevenson – Ferron
J Daniel Sawyer – Jack
Philippa Ballantine – Zen
Abbie Hilton – Vimm’skka Traffic Control



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