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When I first thought about doing a podcast, one of the areas that I thought I’d be able to cover well was geek culture. I mean, I’m a geek. Hardcore. Just ask around. But, I didn’t do a geek podcast because there were several great ones out there already, and for me the best of the bunch was Geekscape. Jonathan London, who created and hosts the show, is an even bigger geek than I am, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. His show, which you can get in either audio or video format, is a weekly podcast about comics, games, movies, TV shows, and everything else geek related. He always has knowledgeable guests on to help him delivery the latest news and reviews, and you never know what’s going to happen next. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan last year at Comic-Con, where he was kind enough to sit down with me to talk about being a young writer/director trying to make it in Hollywood. He was as nice in person as he seemed on his show.

Anyway, when I published my “Pirates of the Crimson Sand” chapbook and was looking for ways to promote it, I knew that Geekscape would be a great place to do that. When I contacted Jonathan about it he was incredibly gracious, and he said he’d feature it on his show. And, not only did he do it once, but after I sent him a copy of it he mentioned it again. I cannot thank him enough for that. Jonathan, you’re a gentleman and a scholar, and I sincerely hope that we meet again soon. Thank you so much.

To return the favor, allow me to mention a TV show he’s created called Singledom. It airs on, and I urge all of you to give it a try. You can also find Jonathan on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you, again, Jonathan, and the best of luck to you and all you do.



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