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Yes, it’s that time of year again! This year the prize we’re offer is… well, hold that thought for a moment while I get the rules out of the way. First, this is a short story contest, so the word count CANNOT exceed 4000 words. I can’t stress that enough. Second, the genre is completely open. You can write anything. Third, we’re not confining you to any particular style or purpose. Our first contest had to be about a robot, and last year it was all about great openings, but this year we’re leaving all that up to you. Next, only one entry per person. And lastly, the contest will end at the stroke of midnight on October 31st Central Standard Time. And there you have it. Those are the rules, and they are IRONCLAD. One word over 4000 and one second past midnight into November, and you’re out. Now, on to the prize…

Well, we’re always going on about how good some audio podcasts are and how they can help you get your fiction out there, so… that’s it! The winner of our contest (and yes, there will be only ONE winner) will have their story adapted into an audio podcast which we, your benevolent hosts, will produce and run in our feed. To make sure the prize is really all it can be, it will feature a full voice cast, music, and sound effects. How’s that sound? Um, pardon the pun.

Anyway, that’s it! I hope everyone is as excited about this as we are. I’ve created several audio podcasts of my own work, and I can tell you that there’s nothing like hearing your work brought to life across a sweeping audio stage. It’s just… magic. Now, get cracking! You have a month, and 4000 words! Don’t waste any of them! Get those stories written and then send them to Oh, please make sure to include the story in the body of the email, and NOT as an attachment. I can’t wait to see what you fine people come up with. I know you’ll make us proud!



  1. Hi guys. I have a quick question. Are we limited to one entry or can we send in more than one?

  2. Okay so it ends at Midnight but is it Midnight going from 10-30 to 10-31 or from 10-31 to 11-1?


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