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Well, getting our old episodes up and back into the feed isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Perhaps if I weren’t so anal it would be, but I am, so I’m having to go into each episode’s file and add the artwork and show notes all over again. Joy. Of course, I didn’t notice this until after I’d uploaded our first thirty shows. Several hours and swear words later, they were re-uploaded. But, today I start the process again wiser and from a fresh position. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish things up today. Wish me luck!

– edit-

Well, it looks like I’m done. After spending about two days working my tail off, all of our episodes, special episodes, audio dramas, and Raygun Revival issues are back out. I went over these things I don’t know how many times, but I probably still made some mistakes here and there, so if you find something, let me know. Give all the RSS readers out there a day or two to catch up with all the work I did, though.

Anyway, I hope this helps all our listeners, from the newbies right up to the old-timers who wanted to look back on how far we’ve come. I’m off to bed now. My fingers can’t type anymore…



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