Episode 115 – An Ensemble Piece

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This week Ryan, Terry, and Justin discuss the topic of characterization in the midst of an ensemble. How does it change things, what should you keep in mind, and what landmines lurk out there? Sit in with the Dead Robots and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Episode 115 – An Ensemble Piece”

  1. Justin, I gotta back you up about Mass Effect 2! It has officially destroyed my writing, but now, thanks to you, I can pretend I am “studying” the ensemble cast. Just got the assassin and I’m loving his character!

    Dare I bring up one of my favorite ensembles that has nothing to do with writing or sci-fi……. Friends… OK, there, I said it. I admit I watched the crap out of it back in the day and I think MOST of the reason was the cast dynamic. Maybe the character types were a bit cliched, but I think the ratio of personalities, the situations, and relationships all make it unique.

    Now that your opinion of me has dropped, I will take my leave… At least I didn’t watch 90210!

  2. Yes, I could accept playing Mass Effect 2 as an exercise in studying ensemble dynamics. Good call!

    As for Friends, s’okay. I watch Desperate Housewives religiously. Hey, another good ensemble piece! Win!

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