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  1. Justin, I gotta back you up about Mass Effect 2! It has officially destroyed my writing, but now, thanks to you, I can pretend I am “studying” the ensemble cast. Just got the assassin and I’m loving his character!

    Dare I bring up one of my favorite ensembles that has nothing to do with writing or sci-fi……. Friends… OK, there, I said it. I admit I watched the crap out of it back in the day and I think MOST of the reason was the cast dynamic. Maybe the character types were a bit cliched, but I think the ratio of personalities, the situations, and relationships all make it unique.

    Now that your opinion of me has dropped, I will take my leave… At least I didn’t watch 90210!

  2. Yes, I could accept playing Mass Effect 2 as an exercise in studying ensemble dynamics. Good call!

    As for Friends, s’okay. I watch Desperate Housewives religiously. Hey, another good ensemble piece! Win!


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