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Hey, all, Justin here. A few days ago we were notified that the Dead Robots’ Society podcast has been made a finalist for this year’s Parsec Award in the category of “Best Podcast about Speculative Fiction Content Creation.” We are incredibly thrilled to be a finalist once again for the Parsec Award, and hopefully this is the year that we take home the prize. I’ll be attending Dragon*Con this year, as will Terry and PG, and woe be to those at the awards show if we don’t win! It’ll be a massacre! 🙂

Anyway, thanks to those who voted for us to be nominated, and thanks to the steering committee for voting us in to be Finalists. We really are humbled. The other Finalists include:

* Writing Excuses featuring Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Eric James Stone, Howard Tayler, & Stacy Whitman
* The Podcast featuring The Jim Henson Company, Grant Baciocco, Producer
* I Should Be Writing featuring Mur Lafferty
* Unleashed featuring James Melzer

Our best wishes go out to them as well. It’s an honor to be in their company.



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