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Episode 170 – On Differing Points Of View

This week the Robots read an email that asks us our opinion about points of view and how to handle them while writing. We also give our review of “I Am Not A Serial Killer” by Dan Wells. We hope you enjoy.

Eli’s review of “I Am Not A Serial Killer” for Apex Publications

This week’s promo – J.P. Moore’s TOOTHLESS

The next book we’ll be reviewing:

And here is that Billy Crystal video I talked about. Prepare to laugh yourself silly.



  1. (De-lurking here.)

    Sounds like a case of “You say po-TAY-to, I say po-TAH-to” with Serial Killer. ^_^ I’m with Eli, I loved it. I definitely saw that the story was about the MC’s struggle with himself, and the irony of the demon being more human than he was (I thought the demon did regret killing, just not enough to stop, btw). I do agree that the supernatural element should have been telegraphed earlier, and I think Dan Wells has said the same thing.

    But I prefer psychological horror over standard horror. My favorite horror book of all time is Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House and (sorry Justin 🙁 ) I didn’t care for The Stand. I have deep respect for King as an author, he’s just not my particular cup of tea. I certainly don’t think something is bad just because it didn’t resonate with me – I’m not the audience for a lot of worthy things.

    So, no problem with the different responses. It’s interesting to see everyone’s perspective and why things did or didn’t work for each of you.


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